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Allure flooring seams lifting after 2 weeks

We have installed 500 sq ft of the Allure Corfu flooring on our basement floor, which is dry - in fact we have never had water in the basement and hardly run a dehumidifier. But the floor is slightly uneven. We installed the flooring by the book - room temp 63 degrees, product was inside at both the store and in our home. We left the 1/8 gap at walls , rolled the seams even though the book said it was recommended but not necessary, did everything according to directions. Within 2 weeks, one seam lifted, but I thought, ok, no big deal, heated it up and stuck it back down. Two days later, same seam plus 2 more. 4 more the next day, including short seams. I contacted Home Depot, waited a week only for them to tell me that they had not gotten to my claim yet. While I waited, they called Halstead, who told them to tell me to contact Halstead directly. Went home, called Halstead, who said they would send someone to look at it within the week. Going on week 2 of claim, no one has come out yet.
In the event I am stuck with this junk, has anyone found a way to repair the seams? If I do get my money back, what other floor coverings have people used successfully in basement areas? I had outdoor carpeting before this, and although it was not bad, we still have a cat - that lives in the basement, so you can imagine what I find on the rug.


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I cannot believe that anyone would continue to recommed a wood floor, any wood floor product for a basement, IE below grade.

An increase in humidity, for any length of time will create some problem. More humidity and your floor is toast.

Advertising/store personnel really need to understand one basic concept. Wood/glue/humidity is a combination destine to fail. If you never have dampness and it's installed properly, then it will probably work just fine.

Manufacturers have to be a bit tired of reimbursing for labor and material. Or, maybe there's a huge mark-up to retail and they don't care.

Sorry for my rant but it seems to many homeowners are being sold something that has a high probablility of disappointment.

Just my unasked for 2
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Also using Ceramica by Traffic Master on a slab foundation

Our slab is above grade. We have heated the room / tile to above recommended. I treated the floor with a Henry product, as recommended.
We have NOT rolled the edges. So far, the front bath is fine. The paper backing was super difficult to peel off that batch# of tiles.
However, when I got to our entry and started using a different batch#, the paper backing peeled off very easily. The tiles do not want to stick very well. We have random popping sounds where they are coming off the floor as we walk on them. With a LOT of heat, weights, time, they seem to be doing a better job of sticking but still not as well as the first box. We have not grouted the seams yet. Waiting on some kind of fix.
Two batch#s have proven to be less adhesive than the original batch# I used.
Any suggestions beyond ripping this stuff up and trying a different batch #?
The master bathroom tile is from a less than superior batch# and we want to grout it, put down the baseboards, put in the vanity and toilet, and call it a day.
Thank you to anyone with suggestions for a good way to get it to stick. If we need to get a roller to do it right, just say so and I'll do it.
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There have been hundreds of complaints about these products and most do not get resolved. Good luck.
The ads in my post are there without my permission. I do not endorse any of the products.
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I think all of that stuff is supposed to be rolled at the time of installation but frankly I can't see where rolling it could make that big of a difference in a small area where you can "walk-it-in" just the same.

The first thing I would do if it were up to me would be to put a space heater in the room and close it up for a while. Once the room is unnaturally warm go in there and walk-in each and every tile paying particular attention to each and every corner of tile.

It's a little unorthodox maybe but worth a try. The product doesn't have the best reputation.
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mellisafern (12-08-2011)
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thank you

This is pretty much what we've done.
With the forced air heater on more than usual, space heaters on in the rooms / areas we've tiled, and my hot flashes.....I'm about to book a flight to Alaska
I appreciate the advice. It seems to be working for most of the tiles. Others have had weights placed on them and a space heater pointed at them for hours on end.

Seriously, Alaska is looking mighty good about now.
Hopefully the tiles will grip and we can sell this house with a good feeling that they won't start to fail once the new owners move in. I would feel awful if that happened.


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