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titan7 04-24-2012 01:28 PM

hollow sound under a tile
So I have 20" porcelain tile set on the entire downstairs about a year ago. I am finally painting and putting baseboads back into the small guest room bathroom. when I notice that in the corner of room where the toilet valve comes out of the wall the tile sounds hollow 4" from the corner. Appears the contrator did not put adequate thin set under the very corner of the 20" tile. Nobody is ever going to step there as the toilet is right next to it, and all the tile where the toilet sits is solid when tapped. I guess at this point I should be fine.

To give you an idea, the bathroom only has a toliet and sink it's small there is only about 1 ft on each side of the toilet. I guess I shouldn't worry about it at this point.

Just frustrating why they would not have just added more thin set in the corner, after laying 1000 sf of tile. I guess next time I will go tap every tile.:furious:

Oh, and another think, the did not get all the tiles level with each other so I have one that has a gap under the baseboard from 0 to 1/8". Should I be putting caulk at the baseboards anyway due to potential water issues?


JazMan 04-24-2012 06:37 PM

Chances are the tile setter did not miss putting thinset under that corner. You have to figure he used the same trowel all over. It's just that the floor is probably not flat and you've got a hollow spot. It's a good thing it's only in that spot. You're right that you should be fine.

It wouldn't hurt to caulk the bottom of the base molding. That is not a waterproof installation, but should look better. Sounds like you elected to skip the shoe molding in that room.


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