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carpenter6man 10-24-2012 01:24 PM

HHI carpenter
How do I remove outdoor carpet that is glued down to a concrete front porch

funfool 10-24-2012 02:32 PM

Let me ask this, what will you replace it with once it is removed?
Seems if they did a good job gluing it, going to be a mess removing it.
I picture the carpet coming up in pieces with some being left on the slab.
Will be chemicals you can use to melt the old glue ( adhesive removers)
But the more carpet you get up and out of he way, the more they will be effective.

Anyway you go will be work, rip as much up as you can, go after the remaining spots with whatever works best, may be a 8" drywall knife as a scraper, may be a 4" grinder with a wire wheel, <<< careful with that, could be a mess if the carpet gets tangled into it. :eek:
There is not going to be a magic button to push, will be hard work, and the level of scraping and scratches you leave behind depends on what if anything will go back over it.

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