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Marsy 02-16-2007 05:46 PM

HELP! Tile flooring question
We have a great room that previously had an accent area that was carpeted, while the remainer of the room has plain gray tile. We wanted to replace the carpeted area with tile (we have two dogs and it seems like the most practical solution). Since we could not match the existing tile, I found a ceramic tile that looks like a wood parque foor. It looked great in the store even when it was placed right next to a plain tile on the floor of the store, so I did not think any transition would be needed between the two tiles would be needed. it turned out, due to the shape of the floor, I am left with several small pieces of the otherwise beautiful wood patterned tile bumping up against the gray tile in a very prominant part of the room and it looks terrible. Is there any type of transition piece I could use at this point, or can anyone offer a suggestion? I know they make long tile stips, but I've only seen white and beige...neither of which would go with either type of tile I have.

rservices 02-16-2007 09:22 PM

there are a lot of types of transition strips to choose from, If you have allready out down the tile your choses are limited. go to a flooring store not a big box store. you may decide to take up the edge tiles and redo, or you could cut those tiles in place but it would make a big mess

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