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Help in solving an engineered floor problem

We have a three story condo that was built in 1985. Although the second and third floors are not overly bouncy, there is a noticeable deflection in the engineered beech flooring and it squeeks and just feels like cheap laminate flooring, although it's a high quality German product.

Digging in to the problem, I have come up with the following observations:

1) the joists are 2X10, on 16" (maybe some are at 24") centers. Span of 12'.
2) the subfloor is a particleboard (not OSB) product.
3) the planks are running parallel to the joists
4) the engineered flooring is floating and laid on felt type underlayment.
5)The deflection I am noticing is not in every area, but just a few areas. However the noise eminates from most all of the walking area.

The apartment next door (same construction) has solid oak 3" planks and the floor is rock solid, and no sound of creaking when walked on. I am 99% sure that there was nothing done to strengthen the joists, like sistering.

What are my options to obtain a solid floor with minimal noise? Yes, I would like to re-use the existing planks, but not possible then I'm OK to replace with something more appropriate.


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I dont no why you would have 16" and 24" floor joists' sounds wacky .Id add floor joists' if possible and install bridging.Go over the subfloor with screws.If its not adequate thickness remove it or add some plywood.
What size is the SFloor 3/4?


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Good questions.
An inspection hole was cut a while back to determine a duct run. The only thing I remember was that the joists were 2X10 and the direction. I will have to assume worst case that they are on 24 centers. The sub floor is 3/4" and is a t & g particle board (don't know the name of the product). Again the planks are running parallel with the joists.
In the adjacent kitchen, the tile floor was cracked in many places, so I know the sub floor is inadequate for tile, as is.
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Squeaking floor is great to deter any assassins.
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I would doubt that you have any floor joists on 24" centers. The squeaking could be coming from the sub-floor. If you can remove the flooring you can then walk along and determine where the squeaks are. I would then screw these spots securely to the floor joists. Heck, you could screw the whole floor securely to the joists. I'm not sure, but I don't think they make T&G particle board. I could be wrong, and have been in the past, but I've never seen it. Also, if you have a subfloor with a deflection problem, just changing the type of flooring won't give you very good results
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Assuming the floor joists are 2x10 on 16 inch centers, the L/D (deflection ratio) for the joists is well within tolerance for a wood floor. Even if the joists are on 24 inch centers, L/D is within tolerance. It is unlikely that the cause of the squeak is inadequate joist support, unless the joists are not 2x10, span greater than 12 feet, or are spaced more than 24 inches on center.

I too have never seen tongue and groove particle board. Maybe you have it, but you should verify this. Squeaking is normally caused by differential movement between two pieces of wood. In your case, it is possible that the subfloor is inadequately fastened to the joists, and is moving when walked on. That would cause squeaking. Similarly, if the floor is improperly fastened, that could cause squeaking. I have never used floating floor myself, and am not familiar with the specific issues associated with it, perhaps one of the flooring installers on this forum can address specific installation issues that can cause squeaking of engineered floating floors. As I said, I doubt the problem is in the joist stiffness. Of course, there may be no blocking between the joists, which would be poor practice, but not likely to cause squeaking.
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engineered flooring problem

I live in a single family house and am also having problems with the engineered floating floors flexing and making noise. The installer only but a roofing like felt down on concreat. He glued the edges of the floor planks together. I don't think the glue is holding. Is it possible to take it up without to much damage and would putting an underlayment help the "giving" of the floor?


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