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Help save cats lives - suggest pet-proof concrete flooring

Hi, we have three cats that spend 95% of their time in our unfinished basement. That's where the cat condos, gyms, food/water, and litter boxes are. The problem is, they are ornery and spoiled, and if they feel annoyed at anything (timing of food, amount of cat treats, etc) they will pee in a random part of the basement. Also, despite trying all the best foods over the years, they puke about once a day. Besides staining the porous concrete floor, the puke isn't a major issue. It's the pee, which soaks into the concrete or wall-mounted insolation, that is really causing an issue as if we don't catch it right away the whole basement stinks.

I have suggested all the solutions most guys that are reading this are probably thinking (antifreeze, shovel), and unfortunately my wife isn't on board.

So we're framing in a 500sq ft area of the basement that will be used only to house the cats, and cat related paraphenalia. I know it's ridiculous, but it's really the only option. That said, I'm trying to decide on a floor and wall covering, at least the first 3 to 4 foot of wall, that is impervious to any type of animal mess - from #1 to #3. The only two ideas I have are tile, with waterproofed grout, and some sort of epoxy floor paint. I would love to hear any advice from anyone that's dealt with this type of issue. I would like something that would allow cat urine to pool, unaffected, until one of us can soak it up with paper towels. Something I can hose down occasionally if needed, or steam clean.

Thanks for any advice.


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For the floor....Epoxy. I would give you the link to another forum where there is extensive discussion on epoxy floors for garages....but I get my pee pee slapped every time I post the link. Do a search on Garage Epoxy Floor. You will learn more than you thought possible....including what NOT to do.

For the walls....maybe some type of plastic sheets?


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Those tub surround panels on the walls?
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fiberglass panels 4'x8' like you see in restaurant cooking areas. Use caulk in the trim pieces to make it waterproof.

Maybe cats need some hairball medicine.
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We are in the same boat. Only we have 14. Every expert out there will tell you that cats do not urinate out of spite. I, with no malice what so ever piss on their theory with years of direct observation to the contrary.

That said, the spite is seldom directed toward the staff. (you & your wife) It has more to do with territorial ownership disputes. In our case it is triggered by a roaming cat leaving his credentials on our doors and basement windows. This is feline land grabbing and any inside cats that are prone to get uptight over such matters will retaliate to the best of their ability.

The garage floor epoxy is designed to resist gas & oil as well as hot tires. These are of no concern in your basement and paying the premium price for this product is unnecessary. Buy el-cheapo porch and floor paint at Wal-Mart or spend a little more and get a color you like from a regular paint outlet. Two coats of this followed by two coats of acrylic floor finish will seal the floor just fine. In fact I recommend doing this as well on bare cement walls up as high as 2'.
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