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Help ... please?!?!

OK, here's the situation - I have an above grade cement floor that has 2 problems... first problem(and the most concerning), There was a small section (6x12) that had linoleum glued to it. I, not thinking began tearing this up - the surface layer came off fine but the backing remained glued to the floor. I got out my handy dandy scraper and began scraping - then I thought, this might have asbestos in it - sure enough after some research I'm nearly certain it does. Do I wet this *+=$ down and finish removing it or cover it somehow? Is it possible to "seal" it with a paint or varnish or something? Next ?, the remainder of the floor is somewhat unlevel and undulates a bit.... and the perimeter footing sits about 3/8 higher than the slab. Any suggestions on how to get this more level to accomodate a decent looking finished floor?
I was intending on gluing down some 3/8 plywood and finishing with vinyl or ceramic or even bamboo, however, after reading some previous posts evidently you can't put plywood directly on concrete.
I'm at a loss - please help!?!?


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Wet it down with hot water, I use a 6" wide razer floor scraper. It has a long hande so you can stand up and to it. If it makes you feel better wear a dust mask.

I'd like to see a picture or the outside edge of that floor.

Just how dry is it in the basment? Ever had any moist spots on the floor, or the walls?

If it is dry down there I can suggest something that I've done in my own home which is on a slab that worked perfect.

I layed 3/4" blue foam on the floor, went over that with 3/4 Advantec subflooring, Tap Coned it to the slab with the longest screws they sell.
And went over that with engineered flooring.
That was many years ago and nothing has moved, no gaps under the baseboards and no gaps in the flooring.
The best part was the floor was now warmer in the winter time.
When walking on it there is no hollow sound and feels soild as a rock.
Not sure if it's "the correct way" but it sure worked for me.


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Thanks! ... one more thing...

Okay, so I confirmed the presence of asbestos and did an abatement. I did try a 4" scraper but found the old 1.5" on my hands and knees more effective.
Thanks for your great advice, it's tough to know what to believe when researching the "big a" ...
I appreciate your suggestion pertaining to the styrofoam/plywood but I only have 80" ceilings and can ill afford to lose an inch and a half. If I have no other options I suppose I'll have to ... How many Tapcons per sheet btw?
This is actually a former garage, not a basement - if that changes anything. No visible signs of moisture other than a few spots of efflourescence.
Thanks again, looking forward to more great advice...
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