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erinhall 05-06-2012 09:45 PM

Help picking a floor for basement painted concrete
My husband and I are in the midst of renovating and insulating our basement and are now trying to decide on flooring. Currently we have a painted concrete floor that is in good condition. IT has no cracks and though there are some small uneven places, small divets etc we are not overly concerned about them. We have no moisture problems or water at all.

We were considering painting the floor and just buying area rugs but given it is painted with oil paint I am not sure if we would need to etch the floor at all or if we just straight up repaint it. Plus the smell is a bit of a concern.

I was considering a strip laminate flooring and saw the Allure from Home Depot but after reading countless reviews it seems many people have problems laying it in basement over straight concrete. Has anyone heard about applying it to a previously painted concrete floor?

Sub-flooring/dimple board is not an option, height is an issue and we are trying to squeeze every inch out and we just cant loose it to a sub-floor. So what other options do we have? Carpet is not great for potential wetness issues (from washing machine over flow or similar), allergens etc.

I am really at a loss as to what to even look at other than potentially paint, sheet vinyl, or glue down which my husband says is out of the question in case we ever decide to do something different. HELP!!!

Waterfroggy 05-07-2012 04:33 PM

I had the same situation and used Tarkett Fiber Floor, it is beautiful. I have one room that looks like cherry wood floor and one that looks like natural slate tile. People love it and many think it's real.

It is a sheet flooring product, but it is easy on the feet because it is a little cushioned and it really is beautiful with great color and depth. You can glue it or just lay it loose.

They have some at Home Depot in stock (here anyway) but the good stuff is special order or I have also seen the higher quality stuff at "End of the Roll" stores. They have three quality grades, obviously the more expensive the better it is.

Good luck.

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