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tmpyankee 10-01-2008 03:31 PM

HELP!!! Old finish not sanding off!!!
Please help--and quickly!!!!

We have a post-war millhouse with typical oak t&g flooring. I can tell it's been refinished once in it's lifetime. Generally, it's in pretty good shape, but it really needs to be refinished.

So, I rented what I call a 'square' sander (I hate belt sanders) and started sanding with the toughest grit sand paper the place had.

And here is where my problem begins: at this rate, I will be here for three days before I get to bare wood. I have less than 1000 sf of hardwoods to refinish, and I've done 2 passes on 2 rooms and a hallway, but I've blown through 5 of the toughest-grit sanding papers already.

I am not new at this. This is my 7th whole-house wood floor refinishing project. That being said, I'm sure I still have a lot I could learn. I have had some finishes that were tougher than others to take off, but never like this.

Is my only option to use some sort of stripper to take off that varnish? If so, what is the best thing to use? Any special tips about this process, or is it rather idiot friendly?

Also, as a side question: It is my understanding you're supposed to screen the floors between the 1st and 2nd coats of urethane, but not between coats 2 and 3, right? My husband argues that it is not necessary to screen the finish at all. Who is right?

I'm stuck in the middle of this project and just don't know how to proceed. Do I just keep sanding my @*#)$^% off, or do I stop and start stripping? :brows: Well, you know what I mean.


DangerMouse 10-01-2008 04:58 PM

i won't touch that last line, *grin* but.... when i sanded our old floors, i used a hard steel wire brush to clean the sandpaper of the buildup of varnish a few times to make it last longer. even buying twice as much as i needed it went fast. it worked well. many olds coats evidentally. however, you can use a strypeeze type product and scraper first to remove the majority if desired. follow instructions on can carefully. (use in well ventilated, etc.)


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