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phillips_sl 10-25-2012 01:19 AM

Help! Need a Non-Slip Front Porch Surface
I am renovating an old Arts and Craftsman home. The front porch has a worn wood floor, and I am wondering what I could put on the surface -- besides paint -- that would refresh it and make it non-slip during rainy weather. The person I am selling the house to is in his seventies, and I would like to present him with home that doesn't promote hip fractures.

I saw a surface on the porch of a similar home that looked almost like a rubberized burlap. I do not know what that is called, so I can hardly ask for it at my local Home Depot. If anyone knows what I am referring to, I would appreciate knowing what it is called.

Another idea I had was to tile the porch floor with some non-slippery tile that would go with the brick steps that lead up to the porch.

Any comments? Suggestions? :)



ToolSeeker 10-25-2012 08:03 AM

If you want to stay with the arts and craft theme I don't think the look of tile will work, but not sure. Sorry don't know about the burlap, but I think if you go to a regular floor store rather than HD you would have a lot better chance of finding it or at least info on it. I have seen paint that has a sand like substance in it that is advertised as non slip. And I have heard of adding sand to paint or sprinkling it on wet paint. I have not tried either of these methods so cannot tell you the results. But there will be others on with ideas and results that may help you. Good Luck

phillips_sl 10-25-2012 08:27 AM

:) Hey thanks for all the links to non-slip surfaces. Your answers help a lot.


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