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Help- I'm being ripped off

I need some help.

We recently contracted with an Interior decorator to help redo our bathroom and put some carpet down in 3 bedrooms.

We worked with them to pick out the carpet, and have been waiting on the quote for it.. and I was blown away.

Here's the situation, please answer me either way if you think this is valid or not. I just don' tknow.

We have 3 rooms.

We have selected a pretty high quality carpet.. about $32 / sq yard.

so, if I add up the sqare yards based on what we chose.

Room 1, will have its own color.
Room 2 & 3 will have the same color.

So, thats 25 Sq ya for room 1,
and 29 sq yards for the second 2 rooms combined.

However, the vendore is charging us the price for 80 total yards. thats 27 additional yards.

at the price of the carpet.. which is a very high quality 85 shag...

that puts price of carpet at 2578.68 for 80 yards (just for the carpet).. when I asked why they were charging us for 80 yards vs the 53 yards we actually have, I am told its because the carpet is sold in 12X12 yard sections, and so, we have to order the extra to avoid seems, spaces, etc.

Tell me I am wrong.. this is nearly 1000$ more than what we expected. We could go with a cheaper carpet, but we want good stuff. just don't need the additionl 27 yards.

SO, am I the idiot? or is the vendor? btw, we made the mstake of already paying them for the labor on another order where we are having our master bathroom remodeled. so I am stuck with them on the labor..

So, PLEASE help me.


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Are you ordering it direct or through the decorator? Some decorators charge for services as a percentage of material costs and some charge independently. I wasn't sure when you said labour, whether that was Decorator labour of installer labour...


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Help- I'm being ripped off

If you do not want any seams, you will have more waste.

For 10x13 room(14.44 sq. yards) you will have use at least a 12x13 piece that is 17.33 sq, yards. - That is assuming not waste on the 13' length, which is not practical.

The 13x17 room will have a lot of waste and a seam if the carpet is available only in 12' widths.

You have to buy the extra carpet to fit the areas you have. If your rooms were 12' instead of, then you would less excess.

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If the carpet were available in 15 foot goods I'd do a 15X17 for room one and a 15X20 to cover both the other two rooms. This comes up to 61 sq. yards. If this stuff is in 12x12 sections only (which I've never heard of) then you will have seems no matter what and way more waste than you need to have. If possible can you provide the brand and style of the carpet. If it's something I can get I'll be happy to let you know what sizes it's available in per my carpet book.
Carpet usually comes in 12 or 15 widths. I've never come across any sold in 12x12 swatches only, but that could vary by manufacturer.

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Looks like its just going to cost what it costs

After doing a lot of research... and based on the "color" and "style" my wife wants. I am going to end up with a lot left over.

and the fact that my wife wants different colors for the master bedroom and the other 2. that makes it tougher.

I could technically get away with 70 yards, but the seem that will be created in the master room will go against grain and look pretty bad.

So, its going to be $2500 for 80 square yards, and I will have a ~10X10sqyd section left over.

but thanks for the information. It did help.

Finding this sight has been a godsend. since we plan on doing some serious work on our house.
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You didn't calculate how much carpet is required correctly, you simply multiplied the room sizes and then divided by 9 to arrive at sq. yds. Wrong. You have to calculate the amount of material in linial feet off the roll and then convert to sq, yds. Doesn't look like the carpet people did it right either?

The two 10x13 rooms require a 12x26 which converts to 34.67 sq yds. The 13x17 room requires a 12x13 plus a 12x8.5 ft. or a total of 12x21.5 which is 28.67 sq. yds. Total for the 3 rooms is 63.33. Add a little to go into the doorways or in case of being out-of-square, and the max is about 65 sq. yds. total. The 13x17 room will have 2 seams in the shape of a 'T'. This is called a 'Dutchman' and is very common. The seams will not show if the installers know what they're doing.

Speaking about this the company that advertises on tv and its name starts with an "E"? the one that does carpet, wood, gutters, ceramic tile, bathroom walls and tub liners?

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THanks again for the calculations.

They did explain the size of the pieces and the like. Unfortunatly my wife decided on a very very expensive carpet and thus only comes in certain sizes.

We are using a local interior decorator and contractor. We checked out the references of both of them and some of the work we seen that they did was fabulous.

Thy might be charging a bit more than normal.. but they are also doing our master bath, paiting and everything else.

So, I guess in all, we aren't getting "ripped" off, but then again we aren't getting a deal either.

But the work will be good... IT BETTER BE

Thanks again.

This site really rocks.
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Could you possibly provide the brand and style of carpet? Of all the companies I've dealt with and all the extremely expensive carpets out there I've never seen a size limitation like the one you listed. Coming in only 12' or only 15' is common enough but to only be able to get it in 12' length as well seems a bit iffy. Generally you have on large roll of carpet that can be cut off of to any length you desire. I can't see any carpet mill making 12x12 runs.
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Since the material is 12' wide there is obviously going to be wasted material from the stock required for the splices. A lot also depends on the carpet. Some products cannot be laid in a different direction because of the "grain" or weave of the nap, so if you need a 1' splice 17' long, it must be ripped from a 17' long piece of material. If the carpeting in different rooms seam together, and must be laid flowing in the same direction, it is possible to get a huge amount of waste. This sounds like what be the case here. You may have misunderstodd about the 12' x 12' pieces. Most product is 12' wide, but the length is cut as required, as the rolls from the mill are 100' long. Consider looking at other products, as there are some carpets available in 15' widths.
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Yep that the best bet. If the carpet you want is only in 12' width then it comes up to exactly 80 sq yards. You need a 12X26 to cover the two that get the same color and a 12X34 to get the material for the first room. I've looked through most of my shags style carpets and most only come in 12' goods. there are a few than do come in 15 though.
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Unfortunatly my wife decided on a very very expensive carpet and thus only comes in certain sizes.

I would ask her to chip in at least 75% of the total
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Yep, who ever heard of carpet coming in 12 by 12 hunks? You guys have nailed it, I believe our friend has misunderstood what the carpet folks or decorator was telling him, probably because he was in shock over the appalling discrepancy in price. Thought about selecting a carpet that makes better sense? Not that carpet EVER makes sense. You could do hardwood flooring for that price and select fabulous area rugs. If you are installing different colors in different rooms, it will look like a patchwork quilt anyway. Remember whose house this is - yours or the decorator's? You're paying the bill. Select something that will leave you money for other great projects. This is like Father of the Bride, as the wedding planner runs it right out of control. Years ago, I was selling a 9 foot tall bookcase. A decorator had seen it at a show and called to ask me to bring it to another show in Eastern Mass, so their client could see it. Like a 7 foot wide, 9 foot tall one piece bookcase can just tuck under my arm. Well, I did it and they put down a deposit for their new law office. Delays upon delays left the bookcase in my garage, as they needed to do a new carpet run as the designer had selected a color that was no longer being made. Then they had to cancel because when they put the conference table in the room, there was no room to sit at the table, because the designer didn't allow for chairs having to be pulled out from under the table. Somewhere, out Boston way, there's a law office with a great big conference table and no law library. Oh well, they don't get it right all the time. Just another woman with another opinion.
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Most carpet only comes 12' wide but the length is always way more than 12', so the 12'x12' sounds like bs. See if you can go to another supplier for carpet that is 15' wide for the larger room.


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