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CD08 11-15-2007 11:28 PM

Help with doorway transition
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I need some ideas/advice on how to fix two doorway transitions. This will be for a "sprung" dance floor at a rehearsal space. The floor is raised approximately 2 inches so there is a 2 inch drop from the dance floor to the carpet at two of the doorways. The contractor who installed the floors decided to go the easy way out and just nail what looks like a 1x2 to cap off the floor. So, there is a 2 inch step up in the middle of the doorway that I'm afraid people will trip over.

There is a door hung on both doorways so I also have to figure out how to make the tansition in a way that I can still shut the doors. I attempted to attach some photos of the floor. Hopefully it works. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

CD08 11-17-2007 11:45 AM


Floorwizard 11-17-2007 07:10 PM

a drop down from wood to carpet is best fixed by using a wood transition called a reducer.
there still can be issues with trip hazards unless you use some sort of floor leveling ramp under the carpet to create a slope.
if the doors will not open all the way then they will need to be trimmed.

CD08 11-18-2007 01:39 PM

Thank you for your response! So I would have to get a regular reducer and figure out a way to build a ramp under the carpet? Or could I build a ramp on top of the carpet up to the floor? It doesnt have to be pretty, just a little bit safer. One of the doors is hollow so I think I would have to replace it with a solid wood door if I have to trim it a lot.

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