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BlueBSH 02-11-2011 01:43 PM

Help! Armstrong "luxury" vinyl tile installation
I am tiling a small room that right now is a concrete floor (basement) the room is only 7x12, but thought this would be a nice cheap way to cover the concrete... I bought 12x12 vinyl tile that is grout-able, I guess they call this their Luxury line of tile... it looks like slate almost, and has rounded edges... well the back has the peal off paper, but the instructions say nothing about that and talk about gluing it down... anyone work with this stuff before? I thought it was peal and stick since it has glue on it already... also anyone ever grout this stuff? if so how hard is it compared to normal tile? says to use 1/8 or 1/16" spacers... thanks!

acglobal 02-11-2011 05:30 PM

consult with the manufacturer of the tile. they should carry a thin spread adhesive that is similar to VCT glue. the kind i have used is blue in the container but turns clear when it is ready (flashed) for tile installation. t. i think congoleum makes one for the duraceramic product i have used

BlueBSH 02-17-2011 08:27 AM

well I gave in and put the floor down... the tiles are "self stick pressure adhesive" but when you peeled the paper off it was dry as it could be and I thought even if its pressure sensitive to sticking, I am going to help it with a laid down adhesive... went out got the glue for it that Armstrong recommended, did it in 4 sections... put the glue in the farthest corner, let it sit for 30 minutes like it said until tacky but no glue lift... laid the tile like it was ceramic or stone... pushed it down with a rubber mallet to help it along, then rolled it some to push out the bubbles and help the glue to stick... did the whole floor, grouted it with the suggested sand based acrylic "luxury vinyl tile floor grout" and when you look at it you cannot tell it isn't a slate tile that is until you step on it and realize itís not stone because it is of course softer and warmer then stone... but for the cost defiantly would recommend these premium tiles from Armstrong, might take longer then rolling out a linoleum sheet, but defiantly worth it for appearance if you add the extra glue in the mix

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