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rtoni 09-22-2010 03:11 PM

heating small bathroom floor - maybe
Hello all - reading some threads and opinions on in floor heating (mats, line voltage, low voltage, etc.) and as usual getting a bit turned around (great posts, just not enough firing brain cells here...)

I'm slowly working on my new bathroom - approx 8x8. Thinking about possibly installing a small heating solution in the floor, which will likely be finished in a porcelain tile. I'm not 100% sold on this but now is the opportunity if ever.

Would appreciate some thoughts / recommendations on the best approach for this very small job, for a DIY - I see stuff sold everywhere (HD, Sears, online, etc) - kits with spool of wire, mats, mesh, etc. I've heard low votage is better than line voltage, etc. etc. They all talk it up, but not sure what type is really best, and not sure if the stuff in the box stores is junk to being with.

Not sweating the electricity cost of one option vs another (I probably only need to lay about 3x6 between shower and vanity - for a very small area it's probably not worth worrying about the kwh?) and I don't expect it to make the whole room toasty. Just want the perk - have the bare feet hit some warm tile on those chilly mornings - and something that's easy for a DIY to install.

Any advice / experiences / gotcha's are appreciated as always - thanks...

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