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Mid Mo 03-18-2011 11:21 PM

Heated underlayment and floating floor for this space?
First post and having issues submitting so sorry if this is out there more than once:mellow:

We are currently in the process of buying a old bungalow in Colorado. Highly suspect from 1950's remodeling that the below grade basement tiles are asbestos. From what we have seen like 5 of them are missing and rest look intact and not cracked. We are thinking it is best to leave the tiles in and go over them. The ceiling height is about or shy of 7ft in most spots and adding a subfloor of plywood is not desirable.

The space includes a family room, bedroom, office, utility, and bathroom. Moisture is not an issue due to being in a semi arid climate.

Ideally we want a warm floor, that can be mopped, and is floating. Vinyl does not have the look we want but we love that maintenance. Had a pergo floor years back and the cleaning of it required an almost dry mop and special cleaner... we are not going there again. Are there less touchy laminates out there? I know there is a porcelain floating tile system out there but grouting makes me pause.

1. We want these spaces to be warmer and found in other basements that baseboard electric does not help with cold feet. How well does this underlayment perform?

2. The bathroom has an existing ceramic floor with no transition strip and we assume we can add a matching transition strip with these floating systems.

3. Should we seal/paint the suspected asbestos tiles first? Can we use some type of cement to level those spots with missing ones?

4. Does the heated underlayment replace the need to level the floor (is it a worry?) of few dips since we cannot sand it?

5. Can a floating system work in a utility area with washer/dryer, 5 year old natural gas furnace, gas hot water heater AND the sloped round floor drain? This also has the offending tile and suspected floor dip issues.

Thanks for looking and for your thoughts.
Mid Mo

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