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mobowhunter 01-17-2008 09:56 AM

Hardwood and Tile Transition Gap
Very informative forum that you guys have put together and exchange information on here. I have searched and read several different topics over the past year. I have just recently joined because I have a question I would like to get some help on.

We have just installed 18" ceramic tile on a diagonal in a kitchen, breakfast room, foyer, foyer bathroom, etc. This tile runs up to a schluter strip approx 30' long separating the kitchen/breakfast area from the family room. We are going to install 3 " by " hardwood in the family room next week. My plan was to run a piece of the hardwood parallel to the schluter strip, then have the rest of the hardwood on a 45 diagnol butting into the piece that runs inline with the schluter strip.

My questions is, how much gap should we put between the tile schluter strip and the hardwood is 1/8" gap enough. We cannot use the transition T-piece.


KUIPORNG 01-17-2008 12:25 PM

I probably not qualify to answer your question. but when I look at the hardwood floor installed by the builder at our home. Everywhere they have a transition between hardwood and tiles, they put a horizontal hardwood piece to separate the transaction besides the regular marble piece, I don't remember if sometimes they even don't have the marble piece.... but the key is they don't put hardwood strip directly prependicular to the marlbe/tile... instead this is separate by a regular hardwood piece... I can understand why... probably for trying to keep a consistant gap from many pieces to the marble/tiles is very difficult and have a bad result.... but puting a horizontal wood transition is not as difficult and have a consistancy result.... don't know if you understand what I said...

mpeterson72 01-19-2008 05:25 PM

You said that you cant use a t-molding. Are the floor levels at the same height? IF so, have you thought about running the wood up close and caulking the gap with a like colored caulk?

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