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DIY-Renovator 07-06-2008 12:31 AM

Hardwood to tile transition
I am going to be laying hardwood (2 1/4" solid red oak) in my hallway and porcelean tiles in my bathroom. I will most likely be using a transition strip product similar to the Schulter Schiene Profile though I have yet to commit to using a specific transition profile strip product ... yet. Anyway I know on the tile side I will have grout, but I also know on the hardwood side I DO NOT use grout and instead I am using a caulking product? Can someone fill me in on what caulking product I should be looking into and what sort of gap between the profile and the hardwood should I leave?

Thanks in advance

angus242 07-06-2008 10:24 AM

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It depends on what the end result will be for height with each floor. Do you plan on them being even?
Here's what I see as an issue. If you go with the Schiene, it will be very hard to get the wood profile completely straight. So to make things easier on yourself, consider something like the Reno-T option. Or, see if the hardwood supplier makes a matching T transition strip. If you use the hardwood strip, you won't need to caulk anything. You would leave yourself the appropriate sized gap between the 2 dissimilar floors and use the transition strip. Done.
If you really want to use the Schiene, perhaps do it like this. I left gaps on either side of the Schiene piece on purpose. If you did it like this, you'll have a much straighter edge on the hardwood side. You'd need to cut the tongue off the piece of hardwood.

Otherwise, just follow Schluter's installation instructions.

Good luck

DIY-Renovator 07-06-2008 10:53 AM

Thanks for the reply.

The height of the two floors some come out pretty even. I have beefed up the subfloors under the hallway and the bathroom and am starting off at the same height between the two. The hardwood is 3/4" and once you factor in a layer of thinset, ditra, another layer of thinset and then my tile, I will be close to 3/4" here as well. My hardwood planks will be running perdendular to the rough opening of the bathroom door, but I plan on installing one maybe two rows of hardwood planks parallel at the door opening, have some sort of transition stip and then the tile. I just wasn't sure if I should leave a gap between the hardwood and the transition strip product and then caulk in this gapped space.

26yrsinflooring 07-06-2008 01:44 PM

Leave at least 1/4 expansion on points
What we will use quite often is an overlay wood T-Molding this hides the expansion gap. Schluter make a t-molding as well.

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