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JulesB 03-12-2011 03:02 PM

hardwood patchwork questions
Doing a gut rehab for my family to live in. House had hardwoods throughout. Plan to keep it that way. Made some wall changes in the master bedroom. See pics.
I have enough scraps removed from other areas of the home to patch in about half of the needed area.
I'm skilled in carpentry work, but have never done any sizable HW floor patching.
My questions are these.

1) Will installing new boards along with the older boards (from 1951) have a noticable color difference after sanding and finishing?? If so, should I attempt to search out similiar colored used pieces?

2) In my crude drawing, the orange areas are what need to be patched. The pink area is good floor from wall to wall. I figure I'll have to pull out areas to the right of the orange areas. Would you all pull out the pink as well? Or attempt to patch on either side of the pink?
The pink area is approx 50 sq ft.

3) The arrow is the existing direction of the original install. Bottom right is the door to the bedroom, which the HW's continue through. I'm wondering if this fact helps decide whether or not to pull up the whole floor and start from scratch? If I run it the same as before, I run the risk of "missing" when I get to the door. As worst I could install a thresehold.
If I run it backwards working from the door, it seems I'll have to change directions at the bottom left area?

Any and all input greatly appreciated.

Added ?? - is there a special kind of felt I should put down, or just simply 15# felt? thanks...

JulesB 03-24-2011 08:48 PM

Help please
Gonna give this one bump, as I'm getting ready to tackle the project, right or wrong.
Would appreciate any advice.

DexterII 03-25-2011 11:39 AM

Considering that, in my opinion, you may not be able to obtain the quality match that you would want with new flooring, nor would you likely be able to procure enough old flooring wood that had been similarly maintained over the years, I would at least look at it from a differnt angle; perhaps not ideal, but might be worth worth consideration. I would break the home down by various spaces, treating halls, entryways, etc. as their own spaces, then measure the amount of flooring that I had in each of those spaces, as well as the amount needed to complete those spaces. Comparing those, I would see how much flooring I lacked, and compare that to the size of spaces. As an example, perhaps if you removed all of the original flooring from a particular entryway, you would have enough to complete the rest of the house, and could use something complementary in the entryway, and perhaps something more durable for wet boots, etc., or maybe it would turn out that you took the flooring from a den, in which you might be equally content with carpeting instead. The other thing that you could do at this point, is to proceed in a similar manner, but strip the flooring out of an entire room in order to complete the rest of the home, and use all new or purchased used flooring in a single room, perhaps a room further down a hall from the primary traffic area.

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