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btanner619 10-14-2012 11:47 AM

Hardwood Floors and Stain
Ok so the first project on my new house that I wanted to tackle was the floors. I prepped and sanded everything and now I am stuck on the stain. I wanted a really Dark Mahogany stain. The first small room I did was 4 days ago. I took a rag and applied stain and started to wipe it up but noticed it wasn't close to how dark I wanted it. So I took a sponge and rag attached to a pole and started spreading the stain out for a nice even coat and to the color I was really shooting for. I believe this is called feathering. I did two coats like this. Next day the results were great (Top half of the picture was done like this. Don't pay attention to other splotchy bottom half of the picture I was trying different techniques.) So obviously this is not the proper way to stain but I was wondering if its dry to the touch will it cause any issues If I poly 3 coats over it. All I want to know is will it work, The idea of having to start from square one again blows my mind. I would higher a professional. I'm 23 and just bought this house can't break the bank on the floors and will have a pro come in next time but now I have great respect for wood floor guys. Any help would be great. Thanks

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