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mjkoter 08-18-2012 04:25 PM

Hardwood Floors
I purchased an older home in the later part of last year and opted to have a go at most of the projects myself. Some have worked out well, others not so much.
Approximately 80% of the house is covered in white oak and was in desperate need of refinishing. I rented the appropriate equipment and was able to strip them down. I applied a cherry strain throughout and followed up by using a lamb skin pad to apply three coats of minwax polyurethane for floors. Between coats I used a very fine grit sand paper (as the label instructed) and tac cloth to clean them before reapplying. After the first and second coat of poly things were looking great. I applied the third coat and let them sit for a couple of days only to start noticing streaky areas. They are most noticable in the living room area which recieves large amounts of light from the front and back windows. They appear to be where my streaks began and ended, however, while applying I am sure there were no pooling areas, the finish was smooth across. It was rather warm during my application process, probably in the 80 degree range, however, that still falls within the acceptable range (according to the packaging). As if that wasn't enough of an issue I began to notice small beads of the poly coming from between the boards. Very small and easily removed with a finger nail after they've dried, but they have began to pop up in almost all of the rooms. I can only assume its due to direct sunlight through the windows or maybe the house getting too hot while the HVAC has been off?
Has anyone experienced or heard of similar issues? I am less concerned about the beads as they are easily removed with a razor and have seemed to stop appearing, but the streaks. It is a horrible distraction from the otherwise nice looking floors.

joecaption 08-18-2012 04:41 PM

Which poly did you use, I saw Min Wax but they make several differant ones.
I would first be checking what's under the floors.
Is it a crawl space with no vaper barrer by chance.
Was this floor just nailed to the floor joist with no subflooring?

Can you post a picture?

mjkoter 08-19-2012 07:34 AM

I used MINWAX Semigloss Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors. Their is access via a crawlspace to beneath the living room/ dining room and yes, there is subflooring throughout. Obviously no easy access point to the upper level's bedroom or hallway, but i'd venture to guess the same? I will be able to take some photos today and post. Thanks for the reply..

Awoodfloorguy 08-20-2012 03:13 PM

I would say the beading is caused by the stain not being dried all the way prior to finishing the floor. It is very hard not to have streaks with a poor quality polyurethane like this with using a lambs wool applicator. I would suggest buffing the floor again with a 220 grit sanding screen and then finish the floor again using an 18" t-bar applicator to apply the finish. A good self leveling finish would also make it easier. Maybe consider doing this final coat with Bona Traffic waterbased finish. Yes, this can go on over oil finish and it is much more forgiving.

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