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bcrwfan 02-12-2007 11:27 AM

Hardwood Flooring in Basement
I know that many people feel strongly that hardwood flooring should not be installed over concrete, whether it be in a basement or on a slab. I would like to install it in my basement, and thought that I could possibly bypass most of the moisture/uneven floor risks by essentially building a wall, sheeting it with 3/4 plywood, laying the wall on the floor, and installing the hardwood on it. I would probably use some plastic and insulation under it as well. Has anyone heard of thing being done before? Any potential problems that I may not be thinking of?



KUIPORNG 02-12-2007 12:33 PM

you are talking about drycore alike subflooring....
I almost goes with the same route... except there isn't really one article suggesting this in the web... and I chicken out.... I will think it would be ok personally if the basement has no leak problem.... people not doing it just afraid one day there is leak and the whole thing is damage and unfixable where as other types of material can somewhat let dry and still resuse.... but I think this is not really a good reason for not using it... other people also said basement is damp and not suitable... but I feel my basement is so dry and this is not a good reason applicable to me I support you and go ahead.... but you probably will receive over 90% opposite opinion....

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