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dcbc 03-12-2009 11:13 AM

hardwood floor transition to tile
I have tile flooring that has the shulster edge that i want to put 3/4" hardwood up to can i butt a piece to the shulster edge?
Also i have started my hardwood flooring and left it for approx 6mnths this winter so with the dry heat from the furnace it has shrunk width wise so if i now start to put down the hardwood will i have a issue...cause i will have to put it together tight........hope this makes sense.

Mudd 03-14-2009 03:06 PM

Let the wood that's on the floor recover from the winter. Wood floors in colder climates often gap when the heat is on and the air is dryer. The gaps tend to close up when the heat is off.

Don't butt the wood up to the schluter metal. Wood floors need an expansion gap of at least 1/4". Get a t-moulding for the wood and make sure there is enough gap so that after the t-moulding is set in the gap that the wood has a 1/4" gap between the leg of the t- and the flooring.

Edited to add... if your tile is higher than the wood, get a reducer instead and flip it around to reduce from the tile to the wood. You'll still need a gap.

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