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Kerm 05-05-2010 12:44 PM

Hardwood floor is buckling again
I am planning to replace a hardwood flooring hallway which has been replaced twice already from buckling. The solid oak boards are 5/16" thick, NO T&G, nailed side by side to subfloor. The flooring had a coated paper underlayment for moisture barrier. The hallway is over a 3' dirt crawlspace which is vented to the outside. The crawlspace was previously insulated and had plastic moisture barrier on the dirt. The floor joist insulation and plastic vapor barrier was damaged so I plan on replacing both. The house is in Carmel CA, 1 mile from the ocean, which is a high humidity area with much coastal fog. The crawlspce is vented. I am wondering what additional things I can do insure the floor won't buckle again. Should I seal the crawlspace vents? I plan on putting 15' roof felt paper under the new floor boards again nailed to the subfloor. Should the fiberglass floor insulation in the crawlspace have moisture barrier towards floor, or no moisture barrier batting? Is it OK to have a vapor barrier under the hardwood flooring AND another vapor barrier under the floor in the crawlspace. This might trap moisture between them? The climate here is mild so I'm mostly trying to get the MAXIMUM moisture protection from the coastal fog. Please adivse.

Trainer019 05-07-2010 05:35 PM

I dont think doing work to the underside of your home will be of any use in this case. Hardwoods are sencitive to humidity at the best of times and living in a high humitity area with fog is not good for hardwood flooring. I checked with my supplier and they stated that in that type of area the manufacture will not likely even offer a waranty of any type because of the extreme humidity so installing just another floor again will most likely do the same thing in time. As much as I love hardwood floors and hate the dreaded L word (laminate) this may be the one instance that I would have to say that if you really want the look of wood this may be your only option.
P.S. dont tell anyone I recomended that L word.

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