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bannasch 07-18-2008 10:04 PM

hardwood flloring installation
I am currently installing bruce 3/4" prefinished hardwood flooring. I have noticed a couple of squeeks where the ends join. can I glue the ends with wood glue to avoid possible squeeks? I also have several boards that are curved and the nail gun will not hold them together resulting in a gap between boards. Can I force them together and glue them with wood glue to eliminate the gap? I Also have noticed that some boards have cracked where the ends meet after installation, what would cause this. I am installing them in a new house with 3/4" osb subfloor and engineered floor joists 19" on center, over a dry crawl space. I have installed 15# roof felt as a moisture barrier.

26yrsinflooring 07-19-2008 12:44 AM

Welcome to the dark world of Bruce hardwoods.
Please tell us were you bought it.....

Bruce is know for having many quality issues it sounds like you batch is from a box store.

If the boards are too bad you will have to cull them.
I would keep record of all the bad boards in one box and take them back to store you got them from.
If the end joints are splitting this could lead to floor failure in the future by allowing moisture intrusion. better fix now rather than later.

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