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alaus24 11-28-2010 11:20 AM

hardwood to ceramic no transition strip
I wanted to butt my hardwood up to the ceramic without a transition stip and had the installer put the metal edging on the ceramic. I was going to butt the grooved edge of the hardwood up to the metal and fill the small gap with coloured caulk. 3/4" hardwood. No problem he tells me and then installs the tile with a thickness 3/16" lower than the hardwood. We went with a smooth finish and you will be able to see the unfinished edge.
I used a shim to simulate the slight angle of the first board (difference in thickness) and the seam between the 1st and 2nd boards will be satisfactory. My question is what is the best way to bevel the bottom of the first piece? I layed 1/4 inch sub floor over the 1 inch planks (old house) to get a nice smooth surface. Would I be better off using a belt sander and sanding away the sub floor to get the slight angle or sanding /cutting the first hardwood plank. Any ideas. I don't want to use a transition piece it will look awful

KCB 11-28-2010 07:01 PM

is there any way to take up the end piece of hardwood and router it or a replacement piece to your desired finish?

alaus24 11-30-2010 09:53 AM

I bit the bullet and had some professionals do it. They were worth every penny. They used a table saw with a 12 inch blade (mine is 10) and tapered two board widths. You can't tell there was difference in height even when you know where to look. They also didn't use any of the transition stips we had purchased for the doorways . He told me it is a lot easier for him to use them but they look terrible so he took the time to make the pieces fit over the carpet and taper onto the ceramic bathroom floor. Just awsome !!! I'll post some picks plus it was through direct buy and we got a discount on the cost per sqft.:thumbsup:

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