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shag_carpet 09-08-2010 05:29 PM

'hard patching' blast holes in concrete warehouse floor
I'm about to move into a warehouse that has "blast holes" (from, I assume, ramset 22 caliber nailguns) in the floor, spread out randomly all over the place. I guess they were from former 'office' walls, since removed. I'd like to fill 'em in flush, and already have all the requisite trowels, buckets, etc

hopefully, my repairs will let me roll my loaded steel-wheeled pallet jack over the (formerly damaged) 'blast hole' areas...

typically, the blast holes vary from 2.5 to four inches across. generally, they look like these two

and a 'longer row' of them looks like this.

I'm thinking of using thinset. harder than concrete, sticks like crazy, difficult to remove. alternately, I have plenty (gallons) of 2 part epoxy, but not sure it'd stand the 'point loading' from my pallet jack wheels. and, I admit my pallet jack's an "odd one" with steel wheels - it actually used to have urethane tires on the wheels, but they cracked and turned into red "ura-jelly", so I had to chisel 'em all OFF my wheels (so, yeah, now it has 'just plain steel wheels'). interestingly, pallet jacks come in two types: serviceable, and non. mine's one of the "non" types, but it still jacks up and lowers well. turns out my wheel -axles- aren't removeable (held in with rollpins driven into one-sided 'blind holes', so I can't remove the wheels, swap them for new ones OR change their tires)

awrightie, guys, thanks for ideas tips and clues on best approaches to this :-)

shag :no:

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