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Missy Bloom 05-24-2012 08:26 PM

gypcrete & easy floor options?
Need to replace old vinyl floors in 2nd floor condo (built 1980's). Goals: Get something we like until we sell (hopefully not far off) and that wouldn't turn off potential buyers, and minimize trouble, expense and potential allergy issues in the family (we've gone the route of low VOC paint and other such things which we like and which help).

Advice needed...

Background info:
Currently have uneven gypcrete subfloors over largely open floor plan (tho looking to possibly replace small kitchen area and two small baths too). Would like to avoid installation of entirely new/additional(/real?) subfloor.

Building is very "flexy" - shaking during storms is obvious to feel and even see. Cracks in drywall constantly expanding. This makes something rigid like traditional tile seem like a dubious plan, even with new subfloor.

Currently looking into traditional lineoleum/marmoleum, and heard about some sort of floating tile system that's more flexy than traditional. Thoughts/experience with either?

Vinyl may have to be it in baths, but also wondered about some sort of uneven mosaic to mask uneven gypcrete- like maybe pebbles? - in small bath areas with some sort of grout-looking caulk in between for flex? May be a silly idea for cost/trouble etc, but interested in thoughts/feedback.

Thanks for input!

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