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Chel 05-22-2008 12:18 PM

"Green" alternatives to floor refinishing
I'm just about ready to refinish a red oak hardwood floor. I'm going to sand off the old finish and use Osmo Polyx Oil to condition the wood, then top it with Safecoat Polyureseal Satin finish.

Does anyone have experience with these types of products? I read in an earlier forum than water-based products do not work well.

Termite 05-23-2008 11:47 PM

I'm not familiar with those products, but can tell you that water based finishes are not a good option for a quality finish on a hardwood floor. It takes more coats to build it up, and it just isn't all that durable.

Good old polyurethane is the way to go!

angus242 05-24-2008 12:24 AM

Safecoat is one of the more well known "green" sealers. The have multiple products:
Fuhr is another one:

I personally don't have any experience with these products. I have heard they are not quite up to par with poly but if you're goal is "green", you have to understand the limitations of these products. I have not heard that they are bad, just not as good.

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