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mcvane 09-03-2007 03:02 PM

Gluing new baseboards to walls?
Hi All.

I have finally bought some decent baseboard moulding to attach to my laminated floor that I did a few months back.

My question is: must the baseboard be nailed to the wall or can a clue (carpenter's glue) be used instead? I don't have a nail gun and I kind of don't want to spend the money for one simple project. I have heard that you can glue it to the wall instead, as it will make less intrusive nail holes on the baseboard and not require any holes to be covered.

Does anyone have any experience with this? The room is a bedroom so it's about 11x9' in size.


ron schenker 09-03-2007 03:38 PM

You can do the glue, but if your drywall has curves and bends in it (which they usually do) you'll at least have to nail in a few finishing nails as well until the glue dries.These nails have a white head so once nailed in and centre punched they are almost invisible. BTW, I prefer "no more nails" to carpenters glue. You'll also want to nail into a wall stud along the top of the baseboard and into the baseplate at the bottom.

DeeTee 09-03-2007 03:42 PM

Gluing the board
You'd probably have to use something other than wood glue, unless the walls are some kind of wood. A construction adhesive labeled for the materials you're gluing together, but I don't know if there's one for wood to drywall - sorry just assuming the walls are drywall.

One downside I can think of is if you or anybody else ever wanted to remove them they'd have a mess of broken drywall on their hands that would have to be patched up. For small trim jobs, depending upon the profile of the trim you've selected, a hammer and a few finishing nails have been known to work. :yes:

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