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DAVIDW 03-13-2011 03:30 PM

Gluing bamboo floor
I have about 75 square feet of bamboo floor to install between two rows of cupboards in a galley kitchen. I could use a nailer once I get away from the first few rows but when I get over to the other side don't see how I can use the nailer so I thought maybe I could just use construction adhesive in blobs on the back at about the same spacing as nails. Then I got wondering if I could do this for the whole floor. There are all kinds of warnings about not doing that but I can't see the problem.

woodman58 03-13-2011 08:05 PM

By just glueing a 3/4" nail down floor you can not bring the boards tight. You will end up with gaps that with expantion and contraction will most likely get worse with time.
You need to nail as far as you can with the flooring nailer. Then use (rent) a 15 or 16 gauge finish nailer to to get even closer. then you can glue the rest of the floor in a serpentine pattern.
The last row you will need to cut wedges to wedge between the flooring and the cabinets to hold the floor tight until the glue dries.

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