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Dusty 10-10-2006 05:23 AM

glued down carpet...can I cheat?
I have a 76 yr old house that used to be a rental. At some point and as will happen with rentals, someone installed carpet in the back porch. They glued it down. They glued it down over what I assume is vinyl or lino. They glued it down right over the metal stair nosing. They glued it up onto the walls which was then covered with baseboard. They glued it down the basement stairs.

So what I have is an area of about 100 sq ft that I would like to change as the carpet is horrible and filthy. I am doing a cork laminate in the kitchen which butts up to the carpet covered stairs. I've been told laminate, even cork is a bad idea on stairs and besides, with the nosing strips it's not flat enough for laminate. So there are 6 stairs, a landing, a nice flat section and the adjoining basement stairs.

What I am after is a way to hide or get rid of the carpet but I fear with the glue it's just too big a job for me at the moment (I am already doing the bathroom and kitchen among other things so I have a lot of work here already). Besides it's just the back door area which is only used by me and the dog and isn't visible except from the back door.

Can I cover it and what would I use? Is there anything I can do given the stairs have those metal nose strips under the carpet or am I doomed? What about carpet over carpet?

Really if I can find a way to cheat for a year or so until I can tackle it properly, I'd be happy. Any suggestions?

redline 10-10-2006 09:41 AM

Is the carpet glued down just at the perimeter or the entire carpet area?

Hammatime 10-10-2006 05:12 PM

If it is just the back area and you and your dog are the only one's to use this area and you will be tackling it later the right way. Just leave it alone.

mdshunk 10-10-2006 05:18 PM

I'm not so sure I'd waste the money or the effort for a 1 year thing. Put that money and effort on a permanent project someplace else in the house.

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