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Glue down (and glue seams) Master's Choice Bamboo floor?

Hello Everyone,

I'm about to lay a bamboo floor in my kitchen area. Not very high traffic since we are only 2 people and don't cook a lot.

The brand of bamboo flooring is "Master's Choice" "Secret Click Bamboo". Average price and quality. But it is "Made in China" not quite renowned for quality products...

I would like to lay it on the existing non-padded vinyl floor covering. The vinyl is very securely glued to the base of the floor which is 1 1/2 " of "gypcrete"; a standard way of doing fireproof and sound barrier floors in condos here in Canada. The gypcrete floor is very sturdy and even, it has no cracks or protrusions.

I am uncertain about the actual installation - float it or glue it down. The distributor's website ( has contradictory information on how to install this product: Goodfellow says it is OK to float it, and the manufacturer's .pdf document says it is not. I will contact someone over there to try to get a straight answer...

Meantime, I had thought of gluing it down; nail or staple is out of the question for me. What type of glue is best to use? Would good 'ole silicone, dabbed in a few places, be sufficient and let the floor expand-contract a bit?

Also, an architectural technician where I work, recommended that I glue the planks together also (even tho they click into one another) and pay particular attention to the top (finish) area of the seams. This is to ensure as much waterproofing as possible since it is in a kitchen and water does get on the floor at times.

What do you recommend, and what about the waterproofing of seams, is it necessary and fairly easy to do?

Is bamboo a fairly stable material, does it expand-contract a lot? Here in eastern canada we do have quite extreme humidity variations (20 to 95% RH), and in the winter I cannot get more than about 30% humidity in the house.

What good or bad experiences have you had with that particular brand of bamboo?

I would add that I have acclimated the planks for nearly 60 days so far but it seems to me this would not matter anyways on account of yearly extreme humidity variations.

Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with me, I appreciate it



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Not going to like this but Laminite is not a great chouce for any kitchen or bathroom.
Bamboo is softer and tends to scratch easyer for some reason. I've installed it and two differant homes and both complained about it.
A floating floor never gets glue to any floor. It's fine to glue the seams, that why the floor can expand and contrat as a unit.
If you read the box or the companys web site that made the flooring it should tell you how much room to leave on the ends, most say about 3/8"


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