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glass tile on Kerdi

I have seen discussion on this topic but no definitive answers...

I am doing a shower with Schluter Kerdi waterproofing membrane. I am doing most of it in porcelain subway tile, so no problem using unmodified thinset as recommended.

However, I am doing a 16 inch high stripe using green glass 4x16 tiles placed vertically. Most people agree that unmodified is not good enough for glass tile. But Schluter says you should not use modified. I even called up Custom to ask about Versabond since some people recommend that for this use. They wouldn't give a straight answer (like Schluter) but when he heard my tiles were 4x16 he said that they would not recommend any of their products for that large a glass tile -- that the stresses would crack the tile! He suggested looking into using silicone adhesive.

What would you folks suggest? Would silicone be a safe choice, even if it is expensive?

Thanks for your advice!


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For glass I always use Mapei Adesilex P10. I personally don't think You'll have any issue with it. Schluter is being over cautious on some of the statements they make but that is their right to do so. Use Adesilex and and give it a couple days to cure before grouting if you are worried about the moisture dissipation, which seems to be Schulter's main concern.


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The problem with not using unmodified is that if you have an issue with the floor Schluter won't guarantee it. The issue is that the modified won't setup fast enough.

We've, of course, had to ignore that once or twice and offer an inhouse guarantee because the application (glass for example) wasn't conducive to unmodified thinset. In those cases we used a Profix product called Megaflex, it's a hybrid modified thinset with awesome shear strength and sets up fine (while a little longer than unmodified) over Ditra.

Hope that helps!
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Glass Tile over Kerdi - Is it O.K.

Schluter Systems does not print any recommendations for glass tile installations over Kerdi. They go as far as printing in their FAQ guidelines to call on a case by case basis. Sean Gerolimatos, technical services manager for Schluter Systems was interviewed by JLC in this article

The TCNA in every shower detail requires that the glass manufacture to specify the setting material. This is because I believe the different manufacturing processes used in creating these glass tiles and the different ways of producing sheets.

Most glass manufactures that I have contacted require the use of a modified thin-set. If you have Kerdi on the walls already then a good option is to use only setting materials made by Ardex - Ardex is another German company that has designed their products to work with Kerdi and will provide a warranty if you ask first. You will ofcourse need to use Ardex's grout as well.

Glass tile needs flexability and a dryset mortar preforms very poorly here. A S2 mortar like Grani Rapid from Mapei is outstanding and is a highly modified thin-set.

If you prefer working with a sheet membrane then I suggest using Noble Companies Noble Seal TS or Dal Tile's Dal Seal TS - both of these membranes offer you up the ability of using modifed thin-sets. Likewise Mapei's Aqua Defence, Custom's Red Guard or Laticrete's Hydro Ban the same options of any modified thinset with their liquid membranes.

The new TCNA 2012 Specification guide will be out soon and has a new section of glass tile. Until such time make sure you contact the glass tile manufacture for proper installation directions and ensure that the tile is all installed the same way up if directional arrows are included.

Good Luck.

John Whipple
By Any Design Ltd.
North Vancouver.

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Glass is very tricky and very slow to work with. Glass tiles that are larger than 9 sq. in. total, are considered large. So a glass tile that is 3x3 is borderline large, 2x5 is large 4x16 in huge. In all cases you should contact the manufacturer for their blessings on which specific thin set and grout to use. The better glass companies include all this info in the installation sheet in every box. However there is lots of product that is of questionable quality imported from a certain large country in Asia, that often comes with no instructions at all. So, be careful.

Someone mentioned Mapei Adesilex P10 above, it may be fine for small glass tiles but the instructions say this; Do not use for setting glass tile larger than 6" x 6" (15 x 15 cm).

Likewise someone else suggested that a Canadian product made by Profix called Megaflex would be appropriate for glass too. I did a short search and did not see glass listed as a type of tile for this product. They only recommend their Litefix for glass. I would stay away though since their instructions are vague and incomplete.

So, call the glass company.

TILE GUY - retired- TROY, MI - Method & Product suitability consulting.

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glass tile silicone

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