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Glass tile in floor?

I'm thinking of adding a decorative strip into my kitchen floor tiling project. Most of floor will be 12x12 porcelain. Will 1x1 glass tiles hold up on a floor - or is glass saved for walls, bathrooms, etc.

The glass tiles sold at HD and LWS all have a low PEI rating (0-1). Do they make glass tiles for floors?


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Go to any retail store that has a glass display case right next to the cash register. Take a good look at the surface of the glass.
Not an expert, but I don't think you're likely to find a glass that will stand up to the abuse.


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Glass tiles don't have a PEI Rating that I am aware of. PEI is the Porcelain Enamel Institute and the ratings relate to glazed ceramic tiles and only to the glazing. Unless the glass has a glazed surface it won't have a PEI.

Glazed ceramic tile are submitted for testing voluntarily if the maker wants a legitimate PEI Rating assigned to their tile.

Home centers not knowing what the hell they are doing will assign a PEI Rating to anything they choose if they think it will get the product out the door.

Our local Home Depot three years ago had a sign on some slate tile and it had been assigned a PEI Rating of 5. I went to the store manager and called his bluff. He said he would check into it. The next day the sign was gone. Natural stones NEVER get a PEI rating but because they know PEI five is a high-end designation they assigned the slate a 5. The home centers are scammers and liars and thieves at times.
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However glass tiles are hard and they should easily hold up as a feature in a floor tile installation. The thing is if they get scratched it will be very noticeable with no way to fix it.
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