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bigbavarian 10-01-2009 08:32 AM

Gind or Chip Out Concrete Footing and Floor
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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of finishing my basement. I want to tile the floor but around the parameter of the basement, the wall footing sticks up above the floor. Some places it is the same level but others abotu a half inch higher.

There is also a french drain that I will be filling in because I took care of the moisture issue.

What is the best way to get the footer down to the level of the floor?

A person at home Depot suggested renting a grinder with a grinding disk. Another rental place said it will take six months to do it that way and I should use a electric hammer with a point and chistle spike. He said to chip it out.

I was thinking of renting the grinder because I can use the grinder to also get rid of some of the cutback as well but am concerned I will not have the time to get all the footing out.

I have a drawing attached.



tomptat 10-01-2009 12:12 PM

I would definitely go with the electric chisel. Chisel out a little xtra and fill in with floor patch or thinset so its nice and flush (flat). :thumbsup:

Bud Cline 10-01-2009 03:49 PM

Have you considered that the reason the foundation is higher than the concrete floor is because the floor has settled away from the footing and could continue to do so?

Have you also considered the consequences of installing rigid tile over such a juncture? That idea is poo-poohed by the industry. All expansion joints must be honored through the tile to the surface.

The hammer is the only way to approach that detail. The grinder would create an unbelievable amount of dust needlessly.:)

bigbavarian 10-01-2009 03:56 PM

Well those are interesting points. I wasn't thinking of that. I figured it was that the people who built the house just didn't pour enough concrete to come up to the level of the footer.

I think I will still run the risk.

Thank you though.

Bud Cline 10-01-2009 04:36 PM

Good Luck!

Generally those guys need a mark to hit when pouring the floor and that mark is usually consistant all around the perimeter. If there are variances now, it is usually due to something moving somewhere.:)

jogr 10-01-2009 04:49 PM

By the time you frame out a 2x4 wall 1" from the concrete wall and put 1/2" drywall on it and 1/2" baseboard you'll already have taken care of 5 1/2" of the problem which may well be all of it if it's an 8" wall centered on a 16" footing. If the wall doesn't quite get there then make the gap between the 2x4 and concrete wall another inch (or whatever) bigger.

Or just put 1/2" underlay on the whole floor to bring it up to the same level but as Bud said that joint could cause trouble with your tile unless you bring it up through it.

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