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J187 06-05-2006 02:39 PM

Getting ready to tile bathroom floor, question
I'm going to be tiling over the existing tile. existing tile is in fabulous condition. My question is this, I recently put in a new bathtub and there is about a 5/8" space between where the old concrete substrate and tiles stop and the side of the tub begins. What should I fill this space with before tiling. I was wondering if I could use self-leveling concrete filler or if something else would be better.

redline 06-05-2006 03:37 PM

what kind of tile will you be putting down? (vinyl, ceramic...)

J187 06-05-2006 04:07 PM

The kind of tile? How did i leave that out, sorry.


Remodeling 06-06-2006 12:35 PM

I'd use some caulk. Fill it with SLC or thinset and you could have problems with expansion and tenting in the original installation.


J187 06-06-2006 01:31 PM

Good point. Do you think that the caulk will provide enough support for the tile, the tile go over the gap area to meat the tub by the half inch or so? That will be ok if I caulk up to the top of the substrate and tile over that? Or are you saying I should just fill most of the crevace w/ caulk and then let the tile hang over to the tub edge.

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