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shotdown 06-22-2007 09:56 AM

gaps between solid treads & skirt boards
ok, my solid hardwood staircases are finished but their are a few slight gaps along the tread ends and the skirt board. Does anyone else have this problem? How much gap width is too much? These treads are almost 6' wide! Any easy fix or just live with it. The skirt board butts against drywall on both sides. thanks.

KUIPORNG 06-22-2007 10:35 AM

6' wide step... you must have a real big house... my stair is only approx 30" wide ...

anyway, other than try to find the best match wood filler... I don't think you can do much to the gap... unless a complete redo...

How big is the gap you are talking about? did you hire a pro to do it... a pro shouldn't leave obvious gap...

send_it_all 06-22-2007 12:03 PM

How far, if at all, does the tread overhang the skirt?.....enough room for a small moulding of some sort? Cove, or shoe moulding maybe?

KUIPORNG 06-22-2007 01:57 PM

moulding on stairs indicates poor workmanship according to books....

shotdown 06-22-2007 08:05 PM

I measured the gaps and really most of them are about 1/16". I talked to my installer today who was here replacing a tread since he was given unfinished red oak instead of white oak. Really there isn't much that can be done at this point. I told my wife to relax she will forget about it after two years. Probably after 6 months. Your eyes just focus on stuff thats brand new in your home. I figure 1/16" is within code! ha besides, it's the end edges not the long back edge abutting the riser.

send_it_all 06-23-2007 03:22 AM


Originally Posted by KUI****G (Post 50077)
moulding on stairs indicates poor workmanship according to books....

exactly...I didnt build the stairs...I'm trying to come up with a way to improve how they look. If making someone rebuild them is one of the all means, go that route.

KUIPORNG 06-25-2007 08:04 AM

I think 1/16" is really not big enough to worry about... once find a good color matching wood filler... it will look nice...

shotdown 06-25-2007 08:47 AM

I agree with the above post!

Rulammeseadly 08-02-2009 04:59 AM

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Bud Cline 08-02-2009 10:43 AM

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