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flush cut saw

I am looking at getting the bosch flush cut saw for undercutting door frames and a couple of other things while i'm doing my flooring. Does anyone have any experience with this saw? I'm going to be getting it from amazon.com but was wondering which blades I should get. I will be cutting door frames and also going to try and cut the vinyl flooring under the toe kick of the cabinets and just wondering which blades work best for this. The other reason i'm asking is that they have a reconditioned one for 67 bucks with no blades or case. They have the saw, case, two blades, and the miter saw attachment for cutting shoe molding and other moldings for 157. So the reconditioned saw and two seperate blades is almost 100 bucks so wondering if it's worth it to pay the extra 60 bucks for the case and miter saw part? Here are the links to the saw. Thanks for all your help.

saw with case, 2 blades, and miter- http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-1640VSK-...3609059&sr=1-2

reconditioned saw only- http://www.amazon.com/Factory-Recond...7VACV5WRR1Y8A4


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I don't have this tool, but it does look pretty handy.


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I have one of these with a few different blades. Used for many years with no problems. Very handy for more than just undercuts. I use the square end blade the most. Would have no use for the miter, my chop saws handle all of this. the one you are looking at would be could for framing pictures, but there are better ones available for that. Personally I would get the basic tool only.
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One of the most versatile tools I own.

Do yourself a favor and forget the miter box option. It's useless on this tool and actually has some pretty bad reviews (the miter box).

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Thanks Bob, I just bought the reconditioned one for 67 bucks and got a couple of blades for it. Went to Bosch website and found out that there are 4 different blades, to flush cut square blades, one for wood and one for metal and other things. Two general purpose blades, one coarse and one fine. Thought the miter stand might be nice for small trim work but I guess i'll just drag out the bosch miter saw for that. Thanks again.

Nester: Everyone I've talked to loves this saw, mostly use it for undercutting door jambs and other things.
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Agreed - the saw itself is great

Also agreed - the miter attachment is not great and you would probably not use it - sounds better than it is...
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I love my Bosch cutoff saw and use it all the time. Some blades are available at the large stores for about $11.00. Blades dont last long.
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I got just the saw on thursday and haven't used it yet but it seems like it will have many uses. I ordered a couple extra blades for it also. I got the saw for 67 bucks with one blade. It is reconditioned but I have bought many reconditioned tools and haven't had a problem yet. Thanks to everyone that helped me decide to get this.
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not to side track this... but this weekend I noticed Rotozip has a flush cut attachment (X-shield). It probably isn't good for heavy use, but does anybody have any comments on it for occasional use?
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I use a Rotozip a lot for drywall. I filled out an online survey and HEY I won a free Rotozip XR (something) complete with the X-shield and various other attachments......... I've got an old undercut saw I'd use before I'd spend money on the X-shield and blades. I'd opt for the tool mentioned above, or a tool such as the Fein Multimaster (around $375.00 I believe) or the Dremel Multi Max ($99.00) that I got for the limited amount times I will need it. (And it has many other uses.) Don't get me wrong, Rotozip has my business for a cutout tool for drywall.


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