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Amateuralex 03-17-2012 10:31 AM

flooring conudrum, leveling, transition
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Howdy, I've been lurking here a while but I just hit my own snag so I thought I'd seek out your advice.

I want to install tile over an area that consists of an old concrete porch that an addition was built over, and the actual subfloor of the house. It used to have tile on it. We've removed the old tile. The concrete slab slopes heavily outward (they never levelled it or anything when they turned it into an interior floor). As you can see, there's cement board on the subfloor already. The old tile there lasted 20 years or so. It settled down, so it's not super level anymore either, but the tiles never cracked or anything.

We've removed the tile and most of the thinset.

The area of the old porch is 8 square feet. The area of the entry way that meets the stairs is 21 square feet.

It's about 1.25 inches too deep at the door way if I want it to be level. I thought than an SLC might work fine, but that's several bags. Is there an easier way to do this? Any ideas? Any advice?

pgc555 03-18-2012 08:28 AM

SLU is the best way to level that floor. You could use 1/2" CBU cut into strips and set with thin set on the lowest end
to take-up "some" of the drop. Allow that to dry, then pour over you entire floor area. Most SLU can go from 3/4" to feather edge
Be sure you prime the floor first for the SLU to grab and flow.

Amateuralex 04-17-2012 07:12 AM

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Thanks a ton for the advice. I researched the hell out of it and went with the SLC brand that The Tile Shop sells. Read the instructions about 5 times. Primed it first with the special matching primer. Did one layer first in the deepest area to raise it by 3/4 inches (the deepest it can go) from one bag, then did a second layer (after priming again) with two bags to raise and level the rest of the area. Worked great. I used some thinset the day before to bring up the last few uneven areas, cause although SLC is cool it isn't perfect. Then I put down travertine and it worked out real nicely. The area is flat and level and very close to the correct height. The tile is only about 1/16 inch above the lip of the stairs going down, which is pretty darn close. Going to put a piece of transition moulding there to cover the gap.

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