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buddy333 10-31-2008 06:54 PM

Flooring for a boat house
First post for me. Been reading a lot and some great info on this site. I am remodeling a boat house. It is basically a floating house that is divided in half with one half being a living room/kitchen area and the other half has a boat slip and lift in it to keep the boat. Obviously moisture is present. There are joists that set on the floats and the subflooring is 3/4" t&g cedar with 1/4" exterior grade plywood over the t&g right now. There was indoor outdoor carpeting glued over that but I have removed that. In another area there was linoleum over the plywood. My question is what would be goo to put over the existing subfloor. In the areas around the boat that will see the most traffic and possibility of wet feet, I am going to put some indoor outdoor carpet but in the kitchen area and bathroom where there was previously linoleum I want to put some type of wood/laminet type flooring. It will not see much in the way of wet feet, no more than say a regular bathroom but since this floats on the water I am always concerned about what handles moisture the best. I thought about putting down hardiboard and tiling over but the boat house rocks with the water and wakes and I would be afraid of some flexing causing it to crack. Any help and ideas for what to put down and if it would be best to glue, nail, or float would be appreciated. Thanks

poppameth 11-01-2008 11:34 AM

Flexitec sheet goods would be my recommendation. IVC makes Flexitec. It's a cushioned back fiberglass floor similar to a vinyl sheet floor. The stuff it extremely good with water. It also comes in a variety of wood patterns that look better than your tradition vinyl wood patterns use to. I can be fully glue or loose laid. Full glue is recommended. Other companies have their own version fo this product now as well. Armstrong, Tarkett, and Congoleum to name a few.

26yrsinflooring 11-01-2008 09:46 PM

Cypress is the best choice!

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