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Valerieedwards 06-22-2013 08:02 AM

flooring in a 1888 house I just bought;
Hi I just bought my first house. So excited.
The carpet is pretty old but useable for awhile.
The house was built in 1888.
I am in Nebraska. What do you think they built the floor with.
I am renting a house with wood floors and I love it.
Is it possable there is a wood floor in it.
And if so how do I know what kind of wood it is.
My mind is racing so much.I close in five days.
I kinda want to have an idea of what i could fond under there,
Any Idea at all :) thanks Valerie

joecaption 06-22-2013 08:12 AM

No crystal balls here. A house that old could have almost anything under that carpet for original hard floors with no subfloor so air fro outside can come blowing in through the cracks too particle board.
Just going to have to pull back the carpet and see.

RWolff 06-22-2013 12:14 PM

Congrats! I well remember the excitement of the closing and... getting the door KEY!!!!

If the house is an old "farm house" as mine was, and due to it's location- Nebraska, (not exactly "Beverly Hills" if you know what I mean, neither is Iowa...) I would say that probably like mine they used the lowest cost flooring- softwood, intending to cover it over with that fancy oilcloth or linoleum.
I doubt it will be something like oak or maple but you won't know untill you look.
In my 1930 house it was being built and the husband died during it's construction, the flooring was just the cheapest spruce or something, single layer in all the rooms except the dining room which had two layers, but even the top layer of boards were the same cheap wood.
They used 3 or 4" wide T&G, that's likely what you will find.
OTH a rental property I used a while here to park my RV on had an old farmhouse on it that was mostly "abandoned" it had a very nice floor with a laid out pattern, but it too was just softwood.

Here's what I found under the top layer of the dining room in my house, just the cheapest junkiest boards, and in this case it had burns in it from coal stove/ashes, and this heat grate that was later covered over. I tore the entire floor out to the joists and put in tile, this krap wasn't even worth salvaging for anything more than firewood!
And to think, this was built in 1930 and it was so badly abused so quickly, it was all under almost wall to wall linoleum sheet (they PAINTED the gap between the enges and the walls) and that was covered over with carpet that was so old the black rubber backing had turned to powder.

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