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HomeDepot23 07-23-2008 08:06 PM

Floor patch
A confession.

I have never been very good with floor patch. Which types to use. What to avoid.

When I started as a helper, I worked for several different installers. They all used regular old 'dependable'. I don't know if that is just a regional thing, or what. I am guessing the Ardex and Mapei was too expensive.

I later found out that 'dependable' is not liked by the vinyl manufacturers. Although, maybe as they have their own products, it might be political.

Some installers (most) just mixed the patch with water, usually right on the surface they were about to cover.

A couple mixed water and admix into the patch.

About 3 mixed straight admix into the patch.

When I got to HD they told me that Armstrong patch sold was to be put down after the Armstrong primer was rolled onto the floor and had dried.

Were my old bosses wrong? Was the admix by dependable really a primer, that should have been used wrong?

Fortunately I went in the direction of carpet installer and my jobs were wall to wall over pad and strip, so I didn't need the patch too much. But this has always bugged me.

Any opinions may be appreciated. If you don't rip me apart too much. :laughing:

poppameth 07-24-2008 05:53 AM

We use to use a lot of Dependable. It's good stuff but yes the flooring manufacturers have issues with it. We changed away from it back when I first started working there so I can't recall exactly what the issues were. Regardless, we now use Mapei Plani Patch and Plani Patch Plus for the most part. Plus is the latex additive you put in the patch when needed. Whether you mix the patch with water, latex, or a solution of both depends on what you are doing with the patch. Mapei has an extensive instruction sheet on their website for these products that lists the ratios for different applications. It sounds like the Admix you are talking about was designed to "add" to the "mix" as the name implies. I'm sure there are some with an actual primer though. Primers are more common with self-leveling compounds. You roll or sweep a coat of liquid latex primer down and it dries tacky, then you pour your leveler over it. The primer ensures optimal adhesion.

HomeDepot23 07-24-2008 06:03 AM

That makes sense. Thanks. :thumbsup:

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