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Emv23 11-12-2011 04:18 PM

Floor is caving in.. what can we do?
Hi, this is my first post and first "improvement" project as well so please forgive my lack of knowledge of pretty much everything..

I own a 1990 mobile home and first on the (long) list of improvements we're working on is the flooring. It's particle board and is starting to fall apart everywhere by evidence of furniture literally sinking into the flooring.

We're working on the kitchen first due to a leak under the kitchen sink. The floor in front of the stove feels like it's going to cave and the refrigerator looks like it's tipping over.

My question is how do we go about fixing it or even finding out who can fix it.

One repairman said to replace the entire kitchen would cost a little over $200 in labor plus the material (15/32 plywood).

Another said only that piece of flooring under the refrigerator and stove would need to be replaced but that would cost $200 in labor alone.

Does either sound right or is it something we can possibly do on our own?

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

bob22 11-12-2011 04:33 PM

I think first thing to know is if it is the particle board failing and/or the supporting joists under the PB.
If joists are ok, perhaps another layer of plywood over what you have would be enough to fix the sag issue.

Mark Harvey 11-12-2011 06:18 PM

sagging floor
I have just repaired a similar floor and here is what I'd suggest. First, find out if there were/are any water leaking issues because this may have created the problem in the first place. If that has been corrected, then the next step is to replace what is dammaged. If you are goung to replace some of the kitchen, consider doing it in 4x8 sections. This way you can remove a damaged sheet of the particle board and replace it with plywood (I used 5/8" but measure the particlu board ... in a non-damaged area to be sure) While you have an area open, chech the floor joists for damage. If there are cracks or rot, repair the area. You can "sister" a floor - attach a second joist directly on to an existing joist - and that would provide added strength. It isn't a difficult job, just takes a bit of time. The $200 sounds cheap ... for the larger area. Make sure he/they have done this before and that there are no surprise invoices after the work has begun.
Good luck

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