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mnr3 10-18-2012 10:27 AM

floodable flooring options
hi all. 3 months after buying a little camp/house on the bayou, Isaac brought 3 foot flooding. among the issues to address are new flooring, to replace the vinyl tile, some of which is still adhering quite well, but others have popped.

subfloor is plywood, seems to be pretty sound (no noted creaking, although there are some patches). these are a few feet above grade, over a pretty low crawl space

have done tons of research on this, and there are some conflicting principles: waterproof flooring is good to prevent infiltration, but bad for drying things out, and since the underside of the plywood is exposed to flood waters, it does get wet and sat in water a couple of days with Isaac (though it has pretty much dried out fine, in spite of the low permeability of the vinyl tiling.)

options under consideration:
just redo vinyl. cheap, fairly easy, not a big deal if/when the next storm hits (these hundred year storms coming twice in the last decade kinda gives pause). not the nicest look, but the place is a bit rustic anyway

another resilient flooring, maybe rubber. nicer look, might be salvageable in a future storm. impervious to the funky bayou flood waters

some form of ceramic/clay tile in thinset or mortar. would hate to have to replace this if the subfloor has to be taken out, but in best case scenario could be hosed off and disinfected. questions about best materials, from mortar(mastic vs mud), tile composition (glazed/porcelain vs permeable clays) and grouts(waterproof vs permeable). definitely the nicest look and materials not much higher than resilient options

no case really to be made for laminates unless someone tells me otherwise. I'm open minded. Thanks in advance

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