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tayna 11-14-2011 12:25 AM

Floating Floor-uh oh
I am remodeling kitchen. I use to have a bar coming off of cabinet on one side with legs on other end. I built my countertops with ceramic tile on plywood. My daughter lives in the house now and wants to have the bar with tile put back in. The last one held up well but I am adding hardibacker on the plywood because I thought that might make it even better. She wanted floating floor and had already bought it so I had my son-in-law who does this for a living put it in (now if I ever want I can do it myself). I explained about the counter-bar and the legs and asked him if I should put the legs down first and he would work around or if the legs should go on top of floor. He said legs on top of floor. So last night I'm walking across this floor that has a little give in it and I have this vision of my counter cracking because the legs are on top of this floor that flexes. Am I seeing the right vision or will it be ok.

Thadius856 11-14-2011 02:49 AM

Flexing legs could very well make it crack.

Sounds like you'll want to brace the legs of the bar. Perhaps you could integrate a rail in a way that provide structural support while providing a comfy place to put your feet while looking good? The traditional Cheers set with thick chrome pipe style comes to mind.

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