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Arky217 10-08-2012 05:16 PM

Flexitec question for Rusty
Hi Rusty,

(Tried to PM you a couple of times, but it didn't seem to go through)

I have read a lot of your posts on Flexitec and see where you have installed quite a bit of it.
I am considering installing it in my entire house.
The house is 24'x48' in size, new construction, and I'm right now at the point of finishing
the drywall.
I'm 67 and have built this house myself on a tight budget in order to sell my current home to have a little more money for retirement (no pension, etc.), thus I'm kind of limiting my floor budget to around $1/sq.ft.

The thinner grades of the Flexitec (5 year warranty) are available locally for $.99/sq.ft.
and that is what I am considering.

My question is this:
The subfloor is 3/4" T&G Avantech. I was wondering if I could just install the Flexitec
directly over the subfloor ?
The subfloor is not completely flat in the sense that it has the indentations of where the screws are slightly recessed, and the 1/8" expansion end gaps between the panels.
It also has had a lot of drywall dust in areas where I was cutting the drywall.

I was thinking that maybe I could fill in the 1/8" expansion gaps and screw recesses with something (what would you suggest ?), damp mop it a couple of times to clean off the drywall dust, and then install the Flexitec directly over the subfloor.

Would that work ?

Or actually, if I damped mopped the drywall dust off, would I really even need to bother
to fill in the gaps/screw recesses, or would they show through the Flexitec ?


rusty baker 10-08-2012 05:45 PM

Fill the imperfections with a cementious based floor filler, then clean the floor and install the vinyl.

sarahtim1852 10-24-2012 02:26 PM

Cleaning Flexitec flooring
I installed Flexitec white and black flooring in our bathroom, and I am surprised and chagrinned at how dingy the flooring has gotten the space of 10 months. I have tried ammonia, vinegar, and bleach (not at the same time) and use tracking mats over 1/2 of the area. However, between the mats the flooring looks old and used, in this short time.

Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations. I tried to contact the Flexitec customer service email system and never got a response.


poppameth 10-25-2012 04:59 AM

Had any asphalt work done around the house lately? Sealed the driveway or paved the street? Flexitec is unfortunately one of the worst vinyls I've ever seen for asphalt pickup. Just a possibility. Then have no warranty concerning asphalt either.

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