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filling crack in a wood floor

I have a wood floor and want to fill in the cracks around the individual pieces of wood, holes and other blemishes. I've tried two wood fillers so far. The first one doesn't dry and the polyurethane didn't stick to it (even though the can said it would). I also tried another filler that hardened so fast that it is more mess than I want to deal with. Are there any suggestions.


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If it wuz me, I'd probably go to Lee Valley and get one of these kits:,190,42997

It consists of liquid epoxy resin and hardener in different bottles and paste epoxy resin and hardener in different tubs.

Now, the liquid resin and hardener is primarily meant for applying to ROTTED wood. Rotted wood is very porous and absorbs the mixed liquid epoxy like a sponge. The idea is that instead of removing the rotted wood, you keep applying liquid epoxy to saturate the rotted wood with it, and then allow that to cure, thereby restoring the strength with epoxy.

The paste style epoxies can be mixed together to form a paste that can be used to build-up existing wood, such as to fill holes or cracks or whatever.

Essentially, you mix equal parts of the two liquids or equal parts of the two pastes, and apply them to rotted wood or strong wood, respectively.

What they DON'T tell you in the instructions, but should, is that the mixed liquid can be mixed with the mixed paste to THIN the epoxy for easier spreading and a longer curing time. That is, the epoxy paste (after mixing Paste Part A and Paste Part B) can be thinned with the epoxy liquid (after mixing Liquid Part A and Liquid Part B) to make an epoxy paste that's thinner and that can be forced into smaller cracks and shallow indentations than the regular paste alone would be suitable for.

I use this trick when I strip the oil based paint off window sills using a heat gun, and end up gouging the wood. The paste alone is too thick to fill it because when you spread it over a shallow gouge with a putty knife it just doesn't co-operate; it breaks into tiny pieces because it's too thick to be spread that thin. So, I mix up the paste, and then mix up the liquid, and then mix the two together to make a thinner paste that can be spread into a shallow gouge to fill the wood window sill.

If there's no Lee Valley near you, pick up these epoxies at any place that sells boating supplies. The structural components of wooden boats often need to be repaired, and replacement isn't a feasible option. So, boats are often repaired with epoxy, and any place that caters to boaters will carry both the liquid penetrating and paste kinds of epoxy.

If you can buy the components cheaper at a boating supply store, do that. Besides the 4 epoxy components, that Lee Valley kit just contains a bunch of junk. It's got a latex glove in there, and for what I don't know. The little measuring cup can be bought at any medical supply store; 100 for about $3.50. And, the squeeze bottle can only be used once unless you want to spend more on xylene cleaning it out than it's worth. Epoxies typically use xylene as the thinner for the hardener, so you can use xylene to clean up any stray uncured epoxy too. You can buy xylene at most paint stores that also cater to printers. Printers use xylene to clean their printing machines of printing ink.

I don't know if you can stain epoxy paste. If you can't, then your best bet is to find a paint that matches the wood floor colour.


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Bona Gap Master PDF

Not sure where you can buy it. Maybe a flooring supply store or on the web for installer tools and supplies.
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