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bostonmike 12-27-2007 11:11 AM

a few questions about bamboo flooring installation
I am about to install about 600 square feet of bamboo flooring in my house.
It isn't my first choice but it is what my wife wanted.

However, I have a few concerns about the product that I wanted to ask others about before I begin the installation.

1. I have noticed that this 5/8th inch bamboo fits together with absolutely no effort whatsoever. That is, I can push every tongue and groove together using nothing more than my little finger. Am I correct to assume that this is a strong indicator that these boards will not hold together tightly over the years.

2. I decided to give the manual flooring nailer a test on this product before I start and found that the boards split fairly easy. Now, I am no expert with the nailer and I did have better success after the first few cleats were in on the test board but I have concerns that my success rate will not come close enough to 100% and there might be quite a few cracked tongues. (Maybe these cracked because they were the closest to the edges of the boards at about 3 inches or so. I was practicing so I put quite a few cleats into each board). Am I better off taking my time and hand nailing given that I am only talking about 600 square feet or so? If so, what type of nail should I consider?

Thanks in advance.
- Michael

mike costello 12-27-2007 06:14 PM

The fact that it goes together nice is a good thing, once its nailed it will stay together just fine.

Manual nailers are tough on 5/8 wood. You may have a shoe on the gun for 3/4. That would put the nail in the wrong spot and angle-causing extra splitting.

The occasional spilt is normal as long as its not the whole length of the board.

You may want to try renting an air gun.It goes in at a much more consistant rate than a manual. Be sure to tell the rental place your putting in 3/8

mpeterson72 01-19-2008 08:06 PM

I hope that you already figured out the installation of your bamboo flooring. I agree with the other post; using a manual nailer is difficult with 5/8" material and especially bamboo because of its construction. I would rent an air gun and adjust the air so that it buries the cleat (nail) just past the surface.

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