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bakerzdosen 08-01-2011 07:56 AM

Face nail needed with Bona r851?
Long story short: I would really rather not face nail if it's not needed. With my pre-finished 3/4" solid hickory 2.25" wide flooring, the last few rows up against the wall I (unsurprisingly) wasn't able to get either the MIIIFS or my 15ga nailer to blind nail the tongues.

So, my question is: Is applying Bona's r851 wood flooring adhesive enough to hold the last two or three rows, or do I need to face nail them as well. It's not exactly easy to find web reports on the effectiveness of r851 and I'm not a huge fan of blindly following manufacturers' marketing claims (though I have to admit that I'd trust Bona more than some others...) The section I've done thus far I haven't face nailed as I can always go back and do that if needed.

I've also seen some internet reports that you need to screw the final row in rather than face nail. Any credence to that?

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