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Exterior deck leaking

Good people of the forum, I have problems with a deck that wraps around 3 sides of my house. Specifically, the 310 sq ft that sits above a ground floor room. In photo 1 you can see the damage inside the room:

As you see their is water intrusion leaving the carpet sodden and affecting the framing. This room is on a slab at ground level and I'm confident that the water is coming from above since there is a drainage box on the exterior walll directly above this affected corner. There are no other potential water sources nearby. The corner of the deck, showing the drainage box, above this is here:

Note the mineral deposits and discoloration. I think that this tile was laid down at least 15 years ago but it may even be original from 1981 construction, but I have no idea what was put under it to ensure proper waterproofing. This pic of the side gives an idea of the subsurface but without a bit of hacking I can't tell if a waterproof membrane is under there.

I checked that there was sufficient slope buil into the deck and it appears that there was:

but it looks like the metal flashing between the stucco and tile used to channel the water to the drain boxes has gotten gummed up with minerals over the years:

On other parts of the deck they have channeled the water over the side causing it to leave staining on the stucco thusly:

So I'd like to try and add some sort of guttering system like the one that Schluter offer, other problems include areas like this where the grout has cracked:

which I believe is probably allowing water intrusion below...I have had some leaks in the garage below which we managed to stop by clearing a drain that is built into the deck but there is one large area where no slope exists and water pools there after a rainstorm which concerns me.

So I'd really appreciate any input that members have on this problem and how I might go about taking care of it. I'm thinking that it might be best to just rip up the entire 750 sq ft of tile and expose it down to the wood to see how everything looks and then start again with Ditra and new tile and grout but that will be quite expensive no doubt! Luckily here in Northern CA we will have 6 months of dry weather so I could tackle this at my leisure once the rain stops (we've had lots of rain over the last 6 weeks)

Or is there an easier fix that would simply require taking up a few rows of tile along the edge and cutting back the stucco to put some new flashing in that would direct the water away quickly and cleanly?

Another question is should I look at flooring materials other than tile? Are there any new or established products that work well on exterior decks over occupied space and that have good waterproofing systems?

I hope you guys can help. I can post new pics and info if needed.




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Exterior Deck Leaks

You have a great description of your deck and problems; you probably scared everyone off from answering because you already know more that most.

Your deck probably has a hot mop asphalt waterproofing under it with mortar over it as a base for the tile. The deck has no secondary weep method for water getting under the tile, so the flashings and any metal chicken wire etc has probably rusted. The hot mop has probably dried out after 25 years and won't stop water anymore.

I do these deck types all the time; you are looking at a 100% tear out down to plywood and will probably tear out the plywood too.

Stucco has to be opened 12" high, allow for new flashings properly installed and fit with the scupper tied in to drain the water out.

DIY'ers don't have much to choose from with DIY waterproof decking and the devil is in the details...so I can't say I recommend you try it, the risk is high and so will be the $$ when/if your job fails.

See deckexpert.com, it's my site and you'll see the steps we take to do your kind of job.

I'd hire a professional to waterproof and flash the deck with a pedestrian traffic coating.

Good luck,

Bill Leys
The Deck Expert


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